Godot for a new game dev


I’m pretty new to game development, but I am a web dev by trade. I have a little experience with Python, and what research I did on the net said that Godot’s language is similar to that. I do have experience with strongly typed languages, so I don’t think picking it up will be too hard. I would just use RPGMaker MV, but I can’t afford it ATM.

Is it worth my time to learn Godot, or am I better off saving for RPGMaker?

I develop on a 2 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 mac with 8gb of RAM

What kind of games are you thinking to make? Godot from what I’ve heard is decently good with 2D


Godot actually supports quite a few languages, though there are 3 that are supported officially C#, C/C++, and GDScript (their python like scripting language. If you have some experience with python you should be able to pick up GDScript quite quickly and their docs are also very good.

As for the engine I highly recommend it. It has better 2D and UI tools than Unity and Unreal, and its also very light weight. Also, unlike Unity and Unreal, it has a dedicated 2D engine for 2D games. 3D is proably the engines weakest point atm but its still quite good and +3 is probably comparable to Unity. Its also free under the MIT license allowing you to modify it as needed to fit your needs.

All in all, Godot has actually replaced Unity and Unreal for me in most cases and I feel is probably one of the best general purpose engines on the market. If you are interested in learning it I know we are planning another live stream at some point where we will work through setting up a game in Godot from scratch.


I wouldn’t reccomend RPGmaker, honestly. It’s basically building blocks, so it restricts your ability drastically. Can’t really recode it easily either. Go with Godot

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I’m definitely looking to do 2d. I guess it’s the best option, so that’s good! Thank god for open source and free!

This is specific for WG games. Godot has a great softbody system. This lets you add soft bellies that react to the world without being a great artist. This is 3d exclusive but you can have use some tricks to show 3d elements in 2d. Though this is more advance stuff so first get a feel for normal things like movement before you delve down that rabbit hole.

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