Going mad searching for this interactive story

Im looking for the title or link to this interactive story I found a while back on writing.com
It was a inflation/fattening type of story except the main character was this fox guy. It was basically an rpg/fantasy type of story and you could choose different paths. Some of the things I remember where these wolves that could fatten a person up with their claws and these syrup vines that would shoot syrup into their victims faces. The character could go into a forest where a bunny girl was being fattened up by this syrup vine. You could choose to wait till she popped to collect her loot or you could save her and ask her what happened. I cant remember for the life of me any of the characters names or the author or title but I remember the plot like the back of my hand. All I remember is that it was on writing.com, it was a interactive story, and that it was about weight gain. Inflation and had furries. If someone could find the link or find the title of the story that would be great. If you need more description on the plot or questions answered feel free to ask them.

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Was the story set in an original universe, or was it based off of characters already found in popular media? Also, about when was the last time that you remember reading the story?

Oh man, I remember this story! The wolves had fattening claws that made whatever gets scratched swell up. I remember reading one branch of the story where the fox guy picks up a claw and uses it to pop the wolves, but then chooses to keep a pup for his pet.

Here you go, it was one of my fave stories when i found that website and i kept it as a favourite. Shame it hasnt been updated in a long while.


Holy crap thank you! I wanted to find the story so I could write in some new chapters. Thank you so much you should give it a read too!

I remember that part too! Just got linked the story and Iā€™m going to add some more chapters to it tomorrow. You should add some too and maybe give me some feedback on my writing XD

Thank you for updating it, it was a good while since its last update and some stories have been gone for inactivity. You helped it avoid such fate. I will what has been added as soon as the website stops locking me from seeing it.