Good 3D Fat

I was wondering if anyone here and any recommendations for fat fetish games or mods that are 3d, I feel like there’s a lack of good 3D feederism things so I wanted to reach out and ask the community if they had come across anything stand out.


chub chomp chill is like THE premiere 3d WG game


It doesn’t exist yet but the one cozy has posted snippets of on twitter looks great

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I should mention what i find as i do so i will, kobold kare has good fat models but its a real pain getting the kobolds to gain weight

I would suggest looking forward to Captain Elderly’s upcoming Momulator update. From what I’ve seen from the footage, there’s gonna be different types of expansion including weight gain.

oh shit momulator looks interesting

There’s also Growth RPG though the fat models aren’t very good in my opinion. I also do have to mention the game has muscle growth in it too if that’s a thing you’re into.

oh yeah i tried that one but i douldnt even beat the first enemy i found it felt super jank

For ones that haven’t already been mentioned, The Burnt, VIDI and Sela the Dragon come to mind.
Definitely some ice cool games that shouldn’t be overlooked.
Also speaking of Momulator, Captain Elderly’s other games Pro Skater XXL and Yokai Slam were also fun!

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