Good vacation game

Hello! I would like to introduce you one of my favorite games: Good vacation. It is belly stuffing and weight gaining game.
You can play it on Good vacation by Yuliya3k
Or if you support me on Patreon, you will also have the link:


Definitely a bit lack luster, very cut and dry. Just a few images of light weight gain with some belly morphs for levels of being stuffed, all just click and fill meters mindlessly for a few minutes. Writing is also fairly bland and full of spelling and grammar issues. There’s a good amount posted here for free or with demos that are a bit more worth than the price tag.

I agree, wish there was more.

Could someone post a video playthrough? For a pricetag, even one that small, I’d like a warning of how “lackluster” this might be

You can play it in browser without having to download it if you were not looking to pay the money to download.

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