Goodbye, Violet (For Real This Time)

Sad news for Blueberry Inflation fanatics: Denise Nickerson a.k.a. Violet Beauregard passed away yesterday.


SO much freaking death lately…

Quick theory
Is she one who started the blueberry Inflation fetish (couldn’t think of another word for beside porn if there’s another word due tell me) or began it due her scene in the movie

Probably the latter, I don’t think she’s an inflation fethishist herself, but who knows.

Well maybe. not really fan of the blueberry thing But yeah

You’re technically right on both things. It goes as far back as the book but the fetish truly did start with the film. I definitely don’t think Denise had a fetish at all for that sort of thing, and I personally found it a little weird considering the subject of that scene is under age, though artists just use different subjects for that kind of stuff I guess.

All in all, may she share a beer with Gene Wilder in the great beyond.


Yeah and beer is blueberry flavored

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the name made me think the girl from willy wonka and the chocolate factory
just looked it up it is her.