GorgeWorld Full Release July 10th

After a year of production, GorgeWorld the FatFur TTRPG will be released both on digital and available as a physical book on July 10th.

GorgeWorld is a ttrpg ruleset built from the ground up to include weight gain and similar growth related concepts into the very core of the game. With additional built in add-ons for magic, hex crawls, and even ship to ship combat, you can feast upon fantasy through sci-fi. This full color book has 200 pages of content, from the quick and easy players guide, in depth GM’s guide, and three different starter settings that come with their own items and monsters. All while pumped with over 70 illustrations from over 25 different amazing artists.

GorgeWorld will be available on July 10th! at DriveThruRPG


hell yeah, awesome!! i’ll be looking forward to it and look into trying it out with some friends!

It’s almost time. ALSO, the hyperlink on that first post IS the GorgeWorld store page hyperlink, but I’ve informed the distributor to release it tomorrow, so HOPEFULLY it should be working tomorrow.

GorgeWorld Release Day WITH color back

Over 200 pages of fatfur TTRPG content ready for everyone to enjoy!

I’d like to thank EVERYONE who has so eagerly purchased GorgeWorld on release day. To the point that it got on the BestSelling titles page.
And then people complained about it, got the ‘adult content’ tag added, and then I asked for a manual review of the book, and they removed the adult tag so now you dont need a DriveThru account to see it.

Today has been an eventful day, but honestly, I cant thank everyone enough for taking me on this wild journey.


I’d like to announce we’ve officially outdone Cyberpunk yesterday. ((We are back to the 2nd place rank today though))

I’d like to thank everyone who’d purchased GorgeWorld!


I like to announce that GorgeWorld has reached Electrum!
((The site hasn’t updated the metal yet, but I assure you it has))

We are basically in the top 15% of total lifetime sales :smiley:

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