Got an idea for a game, but there's an issue

I have an idea for a game I’ll likely work on in RPG Maker. Only problem is I have no idea how to make a game. My idea is to have two of my original characters (Ashe & Sam). Ashe is into weight gain and tries to get Sam and herself fat, but Sam is not into weight gain and will try to thwart your efforts. you’ll play as Ashe trying to make them fat by working jobs to get money and buy even more fattening foods. I want to make it where you can be subtle or do it so forcefully that she literally cant stop it, and obviously you can focus more on one than the other. If you have any tips on how to port your own textures and sprite work tell me cuz I’m not one for pre-made sprites unless its an NPC


if you need help i’d consider coung to the unnamed stuffing rpg discord server, they can give you a lot of tips and help, also there’s a sprite warehouse there


Oh boy, if i had a ruble for every post like that i would probably just create my own game studio and make all these ideas come true

Lol I wish XD It feels like it would be easy till you actually try

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So it’s very possible in rpgmaker.
Essentially when the game starts you’d have an initialise event run which sets a variable tied to Sam called … uh, willingness or something and set it to 100.

Then you’d have a routine of events where you buy groceries for the week, but if willingness is a certain number, Sam will say no. (So at the beginning you could only buy healthier foods)
Each week, the willingness or whatever you call it, drops and unlocks need food options to buy.
Which have more fattening prospects.

It’s quite tedious in rpg maker however; since conditional branches aren’t great.

Since this sounds more like a visual novel, I’d recommend using Ren’Py for it. It’ll be much easier to do what you want.

As for textures and stuff.

Any face graphics go in the img/faces folder
Character graphics in the img/characters folder
Etc etc

Then they’ll appear in game. Note: they need to be .png files and sizing does matter, or else it’ll cut some parts out.

Can I get a link to Ren’py?

nvm found it lol thanks for the suggestion

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