Granular Weight Gain for Starbound Big Fatties WIP

Before anything, shout out to Dispatch and her team for their work on the Big Fatties mod and all people people here making addons for it. You guys fuckin’ rock, especially Tobias1595, who’s helping me out with this.

That being said, as much as I fuckin’ love the BF mod, I wished there were more intermediary stages, and after some reading, I see I’m not the only one wanting this. Instead of demanding more out of BF team, I decided to take on this task myself along with Tobias1595’s help. My plan is to add 1-3 stages between the 5 already made stages that BF comes with. Something to the effect of Normal > Pudgy > Thick > Big > Chubster and so on. The goal is not pixel by pixel progresson, but to make the changes in shape a little less dramatic. Maybe I’ll even add a few stages after blob, but that’ll come after I’m satisfied with the stages before that. It could be a while before I release this thing in proper working order, so I ask that you please be patient with me. Also a lot of things are subject to change, so keep that in mind.

Below are 2 stages I have completed for the Female Human (I’m gonna cover both sexes and all the playable vanilla races in time, but I gotta start somewhere, lol).

The pic on the left is of a stage that comes before “Thick” that called “Pudgy”. The pic on the right is the exact same “Thick” stage you get in regular BF for comparison.

pudgy1 thick

The pic on the left is the same exact “Plump” stage you get in regular BF. The pic on the right is a stage that comes after “Plump” that called “Corpulent

plump portly1
I should say that I’ve never done spritework, so there are a lot of things for me to learn. If there are any talented folk reading this that can give me some solid sprite advice or any art advice in general, I’d greatly appreciate it. I welcome any and all constructive criticism that can help make this mod great. I’d also welcome any helping hands, lol.

This is the first mod I’ve ever even thought of publishing so I, again, ask for your patience.

Sorry for the long-ass post but I just want to be transparent with y’all.

Programs I used:
Notepad ++
Aseprite (paint. NET is also fine, but Aseprite is def geared more toward pixel shit)


This has been one of my wishes for this BF mod! Don’t forget the busty versions (but work on what you can!)

Thank you for your efforts!


Awesome idea! Can’t wait to see it when you’re ready!

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In my opinion, those sprites look really good! I’ve wanted to see more granular weight in the Big Fatties mod for quite some time already, I just haven’t said it. A suggestion I have is to not add two levels for each stage like it currently is now, but instead add the new stages on the current levels we have (for example, add the “Pudgy” stage into the current “Thick” stage and move the latter to the “Extra Thick” stage). But of course, that’s up for you and Tobias to choose, it’s good either way.


It’s looking good! Keep up the great work! I am always up for more stages to the weight gain.

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Yaaay! This looks great! I’ve wanted a more in between stages!! Kudos on the great work!!

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Lovely! These would be compatible with all the mod races too right?

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Hey people, thanks a lot for the kind words! Def helps with the motivation.

Everything is still in early dev, but that might make things easier. However, part of me wants to give them proper names instead of just having “Extra ___”. We’ll see what happens, tho.

I only plan on doing vanilla races, unfortunately. Every race requires their own, unique, sprites to be made. That includes custom races too. There are many, many race mods for this game and I don’t want to promise something that I might not deliver on. However, after this mod is released, I imagine the people in the community can add custom race support in, more or less, the same way it was done for vanilla BF. It’s really the outline of the new weight stages that are important, which you can just copy off of my sprites when they’re released. The process should be pretty straight forward. I could be wrong tho since I’m still new to modding. I hate turning down requests, but I hate bullshitting people even more.

Thanks again to all the people that replied and liked the mod! I’ll keep you all posted for updates.


Alright, I’ve added two new stages to the progression.

On the left is a new stage called “Chunky”, the middle is “Chubby” from vanilla BF, and the right is a new stage called “Tubby”

chunky chubby tubby

This is the old progression from vanilla BF


This is with the new progression with my added stages


It actually came out decent, I think lol. I’m gonna hold off on further stages until Dispatch releases the new update. The new update, along with a bunch of other really cool shit, is gonna include a rework of the fatty stage.That should make creating new stages much easier for me. After that gets released, I’ll start working on the final stages and make this work with every variation (busty, stuffed), gender, and vanilla race.

The road map looks something like this:
*Pudgy* --> Thick --> *Chunky* --> Chubby --> *Tubby* --> Plump --> *Corpulent* --> Fatty --> ? --> ? --> Blob

Thank you for your patience!


This is looking really great, mrmoto! Keep up the good work!


this is absolutely lovely.

I’d like to speak with you and offer a bit of help on making this mod a reality. Otherwise, great work!

Is there already a download link for this?

Sorry m8, not yet. But we’re making steady progress.

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Speaking of which, starting to wrap up the male part of the humans.



These are looking awesome!
Only thing that seems weird is the underwear randomly appearing once the fatty size is reached when all the other ones didn’t have it XD

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Will these sizes have custom hitboxes?

Yeah, I’m not sure what to do about that lol. The original mod has that going on too. I could just remove the underwear on both sexes, but I’m not sure about disturbing the original sprites.

As for hitboxes, yeah, we’ll have them in due time.

Are there going to be expanding clothing for the new stages. Since Tobias is working on it, I think there are gonna be expanding clothes

I already said multiple times: I’m a coder, not a spriter. If this mod gets clothing for the new sizes, I’ll do my best to make it compatible with the expanding clothes.