Granular WG For Big Fatties Release!

Nice! i am going to use that as reference for other edits i might make.

Your work on these is appreciated. I hope you do not mind if I will try to use some of your work for my own?

As for the sleeve ssues you mentioned, it unfortunately happens because the default body doesn’t disappear as you gain weight (that is how they managed to make clothes that cover only part of the body, such as shorts, or tank tops). Unfortunately, that will not be the same case as the body gains weight. Because of this, your only real hope is to cover up the normal body sprite (the most notable example is in how the sleeves are done for the blob body).

Ok, so with this update, my startrack sprites don’t work for the granular sizes again, can I see what the needed syntax is to make them work with this update?

I’m having an issue with Huge and Titanic sizes. When my character gets to those sizes, her body just changes to a normal, pre-fat size. Could the fact that I’m playing as the Kemono custom race have something to do with it?

Absolutely. IIRC, the mod is vanilla races only.

Is the newest version of this mod still compatible with the previous Big Fatties update? The one before the mirror and clothing update, I mean. If not, I understand.

So does this basically replace the “extra ___” weight stages?

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No, it doesn’t. Those weight stages still exist. The mod adds further weight stages between the existing ones, each with its own “extra” variant before your character’s sprite changes.


One question, is anyone making any granular clothes or race patches? As much as I like the 5 currently “supported” (Huge + Titanic not included) I wish there were more options for clothes as I feel incredibly limited due to how few clothes and races are supported by Granular. I would love to know if someone made more clothes and races supported.

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I’ve been trying to edit the Granular mod with Notepad++, specifically the body item descriptions since many of them are “test”. When I try to run Starbound afterwards I get the error below. I’ve made sure any edits I make are inside quotes as to not screw up any of the actual code.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Ive just started using the mod and ive noticed that some clothing doesn’t work between stages is that just me or am i missing something?

Some clothes only have sprites made for the standard Big Fatties sizes, and have none for the Granular sizes in between. The first post lists some of the outfits that support all the granular sizes, but other than that, you’re mostly out of luck until you or somebody else creates sprites for them.

Thanks I was curious, do you know of any other mods compatible with both this and big fatties?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but this is a spreadsheet with a lot of the WG-related mods being used, and so far as I can tell, they all play nice with each other.


The fatty dungeons one didn’t work. It just crashed the game immediately upon booting up. Are there additional mods I need to install before running the dungeons addon?


Nevermind I found the problem (I think), the addon apparently doesn’t recognize the steam workshop version of the mod so you have to actually get the file version of it.

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I had the same issue the other day but it seems to have fixed itself. Can you post your logs?

Could you show us how you got the dungeon mod to work? I’m not that technically savvy and have no idea what you mean ^^;

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Again, you actually have to download the Avali mod yourself instead of just subscribing to the Steam Workshop version of the Avali mod

The issue was caused by me not unpacking the mod before I edited it. Thanks for your reply.