So I was playing the Tribal hunter demo (ha ha poverty go brrrr) and I was really appreciating the graphics. Time skip a bit, I’m in bed, scrolling through fetish art on my phone, and then I realized something: I wasn’t getting aroused when playing Tribal hunter. As I started to pay more attention to this, I began to realize a pattern, I usually get more aroused with fetish games if the art is poor (or no art at all), whereas if the game’s art is glorious, I end up just having a really good time, but not really getting aroused.

Basically, I wanted to find out if this happens at all to y’all, or if it’s the other way around, so here is this nice poll.

Arousal from graphics
  • I get most aroused from playing fetish text games
  • I get most aroused from playing lower quality fetish games
  • I get most aroused from playing higher quality fetish games
  • I don’t get aroused at all
  • I get aroused from all fetish games
  • It depends

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Now, unlike usually, this poll will likely not get closed by me, and I will likely keep it open. Why, you ask? So that in the future, even new members get a chance to vote! (not because I’m too lazy or anything, heh heh…)

With that said, I hope everyone reading this has a swell day!

With me I’ll say it depends on which of my kinks it’s catering to- vore or normal* sex stuff I can get by with just text, but for a lot of other things like weight gain, I feel visuals of any sort (and audio) help a lot with getting me aroused.

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It almost entirely depends on the character design for me.

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I feel like for me it’s mostly about how the gaining itself is handled. If there’s not a proper sense of anticipation I might have fun with it, but it’s probably not going to do much else for me. It’s probably a bit easier to get that with writing since you can default to giving measurements and weights. Plus you can do a lot more with the feeling of the weight itself since you can control where you want your more expressive moments to be and not have to worry about the player slamming into a wall for three minutes to see the jiggle. And with writing you can concentrate on describing any particular area/action without having to fill in the entire rest of the scene (or maybe you could do that with visual art, belly floating in a void anyone?).


Really depends. Sometimes text can do it, provided it’s really descriptive and of what I like mostly.

However, pictures always help. The better the quality is overall more enjoyable too

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The boring answer is it depends. The more interesting answer is that generally images help, but only if those images are non-anime style and high quality. So the DAZ models do a lot for me arousal wise, but the anime style renderings of say Forks don’t cause arousal (though the game is a ton of fun to play). Writing quality also depends on a text adventure game. High quality writing in a text adventure game does plenty for my arousal, but lower quality writing doesn’t do it. So ultimately it looks something like this in terms of arousal for me:

high quality graphics (i.e. DAZ models) > high quality text adventure > low quality text adventure > low quality or anime style graphics


It has so much more to do with how the experience is framed than the art quality. A fun scene that engages my imagination while giving me time to build up is going to be hotter than an an action game where I am distracted by trying to manage the mechanics with both hands and all my attention. Not saying y’all should avoid making a fat bullet hell shooter, just that it’s hard to multitask.


I am a visual person, I use the text for emphasis the scenery and describe things missing or inaccurate.
So I voted for a maximal quality fetish games.
That’s why also I play on not fetish games/MMO with some mods for makes characters looking fat.
The game can be with animated or realistic graphics, but the quality is essential for me, I need lot of outfits, fattening steps, jiggle physics, stances and social animations.

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