greetings all

i’ve been here for a fair bit of time (over a year at this point, i think?) but i don’t really post much because i rarely have anything to say that couldn’t be expressed by just hearting a post.

i might make something sooner or later, too, as i’m trying to learn programming and whatnot. don’t hold your breath, though.


Finally, it was about time you showed your dirty face again…


Hello my dude, what kinds of things are you interested in making?

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eheh, now you’ve put me on the spot. i’m not sure. i’ve spent a fair bit of time mucking about in quest but i’ve yet to really come across an idea i could stick to. i’ll let you know if i get any good ideas, though. probably.

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Welcome to the forums.

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Welcome! Happy to have you here and hopefully you will find our community helpful with your endeavors.

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