Greetings and saaaalutations!

Hey there, everybody! Just found this site through an ad and thought it sounded interesting, so I figured I’d join up.

So, since this is a site based on games and game design, I feel it’s important to mention that I have only dabbled in writing so far. So if I ever decide to really try contributing, then expect that to be the part I take on. I can’t art to save my life (my PFP is just a cropped version of a piece made by a friend), and I know jack about coding, so I’d only really be able to do writing stuff.

Also, I’ve been into weight gain for years now, and although my characters are not naturally chunky (even though I am IRL), I still love the hell out of fatness, both getting and having it. I’ve done a number of RPs centered around it, though they’ve basically come to their conclusions by this point.

Um…can’t really think of anything else to say at the moment, so…yeah, there we have it. Hope I can do something to help out here and there and make some friends along the way! ^w^/


Welcome and enjoy your stay~

Also enjoy the many great games and projects on this platform.

Welcome! Happy to have you here!

Welcome to the forums, FlameWolfScout.