Greetings Everyone

Hello, I’m EnderBlizz,

I’ve been a Lurker for a good while. I primarily Enjoy Female WG, And Magic based WG too, But am not a fan of Inflation. I am a Furry, primarily liking Dragons, so Scalie I guess.

I’m heavily into the 3d Printing and modeling category, though only for functional parts right now. I would like to figure out how to model characters, and eventually be able to port my Skyrim Character out of game to 3d Print it. I’ve Attempted Writing, and Art, but those ended less than optimal.

I would like to dabble in game making, and Improve my skills in Art, and 3d Modeling.

I have played quite a few of the games on this site, non complete list including Boundless, Big Fatties Mod, Untitled Stuffing RPG, CCC, Fattaker and numerous amounts of Skyrim and Oblivion mods.