Greetings, it is I: Lord of Deez.

After 5000 years of lurking, I have finally summoned enough energy derived from the metric tons of fat girl lard to gain physical form and actually involve myself openly.

Rather than just be content with reaping the fruits and benefits of everyone else’s hard work, I have decided it is time to put my skills to use.

So, in the near future I will be releasing the progress I have made in a mod for Fable: Anniversary Edition.

It is my hope that I, Lord of DEEZ, can give back to the community in this way.


… Nuts, my lord?

Also welcome aboard! I’m sure your Fable mod will make at least one door ecstatically happy!


Well fable is one of my favorite games I really want to see this

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I’m currently in the process of getting it download ready, and debating on whether or not to make a Nexus Mod account to upload it there. Hopefully I decide quickly, so you can reap the rewards posthaste!

Welp I’m totally excited and curious for what mod you made. Makes me wish fable 2 was on steam for modding.

I heard that you recently had a Dragon problem in your lands, m’lord.

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Fable? I can’t wait to play a fat guy while punching children in the face and stealing teddy bears