Growth Fat and Thick Sumo Game

(Note: IDK if anyone has done this idea yet, so I’m very sorry about that)

The Idea of the game is very straight forward, You play as a character that enters a Special Sumo Tournament /Arena to win money and big rewards, Level Up and get bigger to continue up the levels to become the champion.

Like classic flash games, like Ducklife, Hack Slash Crawl, Arenas and RPGs with multi high and more challenge levels like bot arena series

Character Create:
I would say it primary girls but can be boys too. There are some factors that will impact how your character plays and such:

Races, what creature are you? (Human, Reptile, Dog, Cat Etc.) If wanted you can unlock more race or have the ability to make a custom one. EX: Humans Don’t have any Statue boost or special skills but can have 2 perks and balance build

Growth Style, What is your characters shape? (Breast, Butt, Belly, etc.) You can change some states instead for default styles.

Personally/Side Perks, What perks does your character have? (Better Training, Better Eater, Thicker etc.) Depending one builds, you can many Side Perks.

And Favorite Foods, Which food group does your character like = More Bonus + Bigger Growth (Note: All food groups give different bonus too)

And if you want, you can have 2nd Character that mainly acts as support or if needed a teammate for some matches

How many Levels would there be and how big will your character get?
I would say for each Level there would be 5 to 12 Matches (With a Mini-Boss and Boss) And Each Level your character will get much larger and thicker, Level 0 or Training/Tutorial Level would be Normal Sumo Sizes and Weights to increase or double (Triple if people want them to get really big really fast!) to the next Level, And there would be 10 Levels +2, Level 0 & Level 10+ or Level S

How would the gameplay?
There would be 2 sides to the game, Passive/Shop Side and Active/RPG Side
Passive Side, is where to buy food, training your character, Getting Items and much more.
Active Side, is the main game where you play against foes or enemy teams in Story Mode or Challenge Mode for rewards, money and EXP. Depending how what happens Random or What you will face different styles against you and you need to learn what best fits you

Explain, Breast Fighters are good at surprised attack/Crits and support play where belly are more defenses and so on

Thats the game Idea, I’m not the good at making games and such but I hope someone could try to make it, if it wasn’t already made of course