Guides or videos about modding starbound

So, unfortunate events in the world provided me with a lot of free time, so i want to try myself in the modding field. While i know enough about codding and have some expirience with drawing, Starbound is unknown territory for me. I know how to make basic mods like weapons or armors, but i want to have deeper understanding of it, so i can make more complicated and unique mods. So is where some guides about modding Starbound, specificaly about weapons for now. And if not, can somebody with modding expirience answer few of my questions?

And sorry for my english, if you dont understand something - please tell me, I’ll try to explain what I meant

I am in no way as experienced as some of the others around here, but I think I could offer some useful pointers. Considering that you have already managed to make some weapon/armour mods, I assume you might know the basics (creating a mod folder, with metadata file, putting stuff in the right category, editting the necessary files using something like notepad++…).

From what I have observed, I think the best way to learn how to put something together in Starbound is to learn from the work other have done in other mods. From there, you just reverse-engineer it, to learn what they did, how they did it and what might need to be changed to adapt it to what you want to do. Patching is another issue which you might consider in your work.

More than that, I think it would be better to ask specific questions to get a good answer.

If you search for guides for specific issues, I am sure you can find some very useful guides and pointers. Maybe some useful tools and scripts, as well. I found some of these guides to be useful to familiarise myself:

-Knowing admin commands is useful to spawn and test various things; (this is just for reference)

-I assume you know already how to pack and unpack mods, but here is a link just for reference;

-You might break something at some point. It is important to have back-ups just in case;

-Retrieving a planet (guide is a bit old, but I think it is still useful if you want to extract a planet you have worked a lot on)

-Guide for spriting in Starbound

-Patching stuff around Starbound

-Creating recipes

-Adding biomes (this is advanced stuff, and something you will probably concern yourself with a bit later)

-Adding dungeons (again, more advanced stuff, but quite rewarding, I think)


Wow, there is so much information, i probably gonna spend all night reading this. Thanks, im sure that would help me a lot
And yeah, i can easily do weapon from existing assets, but right now i want to make custom alternative fire mode for weapon, created from one that didnt had it and also add sound to it, make so arms dont move then idle or firing and idealy, integrate it with big fatties, but for now i will be happy if i could at least make it work

Oh, and revese engineering is wonderful idea, im especially grateful for that advise

For alternate fire, I am not sure how to do it myself, but I believe @Tobias1595 made a mod through which they add a fattening zone to staff weapons. It might be worthwhile to use as a reference.

I think i got it. You need to create ability separately and when you can use link in actual weapon. They are in item/active/weapons/abilities

Sounds about right… try it out, see how it goes. If you want to go and make more advanced weapons and effects, Frackin Universe seems to have quite a selection of weapons with various effects (not just nice alt-fires). Be careful if you do decide to use the mod, though, as it will be tricky to remove it afterward (saves and universes will need to be erased).

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Thanks, i will look into it