Guild Wars 2 Fat Charr Mod?


Was wondering if this is possible to do since I feel like the physiques they have don’t really display if your character is fat or not.

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Well, that is quite an old post and unfortunately, I don’t really have any good news for you. I was quite curious about this too not too long ago and after a bit of searching, I’ve came to the conclusion of while technically it would be possible to do such thing as making the charr models fat, you would most-likely end up getting almost instantly banned, because you would have to use some sort of “memory injection” (I have no clue how that works or what it actually means), which is prohibited and against TOS. Also no one have ever done such thing, or at least haven’t made a public post about it, so you would pretty much have to figure out how to do it by yourself and also you would have to make your own model.