Ha-Yoon fitness plan

Hey guys! Missed me?)
This is one scene game, where you can define the training directioon for Ha-Yoon and get dream body of several types. Bloated, fat, muscular and muscular fat.

This is a part of The implant game, but as main game is huge in size, I decided to make small parts of it also.

Warning! Read this before you buy!

If you follow me, you should know, that for now I create multiple short games with some sort of game mechanics in almost standard interface. It is literally a bunch of images, that appear in different circumstances and there is almost no weight gain. All my games are stuffing games. And for me the main value is that they are different. Different models, morphs, clothes, different style of interactions. Every game is an experiment. They are as they are. Some people, such as me like such things and diversity. So if you are not into it, i ask you to understand and to forgive))

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i was initially hoping for a pure fat gaining route but i wasn’t initially a fan of the fat/muscle build, looked a bit too masculine for me.

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Ha-Yoon gains weight mostly in her breast and belly area, so it does not look like a classic weight gain.