Halloween Stealth Horror, Death is Weighting For You

Hello. I’m unfamiliar with all the topic-making syntax, but hopefully this is good enough. I’m Morvaertis and this is my first time attempting to create a full game with a deadline (Oct. 31) Originally, I was looking for teams to work on, but I was never able to integrate with anyone very well.

Enough introduction, Death is Weighting For You is a top-down stealth horror I’m developing. There isn’t much in the way of asset-sharing without spoiling too much, so I’ll show a few previews as I create more.

The plot goes as follows:

“I was walking home after getting too much candy to count on Halloween. I took a shortcut through the park, because the nearby swamp kept people away at night. Some rumor about alligators or something. There wasn’t a soul around. I thought I saw a light in the swamp, so I stood at the edge of the park to get a better look.
Strangely, I didn’t hear anyone approaching before I was tossed downhill by something big and soft. I went tumbling down with it and only caught a glimpse of what was behind us. There were these giant slugs?! No, that couldn’t be right…”

The character (currently unnamed) wakes up in a swamp and shares dialogue with the character that tumbled into the swamp with them. Exposition is set up and then the game begins. The tutorial will be seamlessly integrated. Controls are basic WASD and the enemies will have basic patrol patterns with Line of Sight. Unlike most stealth games where detection initiates a combat sequence or an attempt to re-stealth, most of the detection in this game will result in weight gain. The player has both a ‘weight stage meter’ and an HP bar. As the player gains weight, they become slower, and can’t follow certain paths due to being too fat. This means the player will eventually be unable to outrun enemies if detected.
Here are a few images:



And a WIP song:
Castle Song

(I forgot to mention that you get to choose to play as a male or a female.)


I’ve almost completed the animations for the female weight stages and I’ll be able to show a few male weight stages as well.


interested to see where this goes, love to see how big you made these characters. Appreciate that theres a male and female option~

Just out of curiosity, will there be a clothes option, or an option to turn off nipples? Either way,

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Are the sprites on display in the first post player sprites or the aforementioned enemies? Just curious, wasn’t too sure.
I feel that stealth weight gain type games are something that should work really well but I haven’t seen one I’m totally in love with yet. Hope your project turns out well! (Also nice profile picture.)

I sprited the male/female models without clothes (minus the skimpy covering female has) so that it’d be easier to animate them. I have clothing designs in mind for both.


It’s the female model. I’ll be working on enemy sprites soon-ish.

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No images. I was having a tough time figuring out the costume for the male sprite, but I figured it out. I was also theory-crafting the first level’s floor and wall tiles, what should be animated, &c.

Currently working on the opening ‘cinematic’ music and the first level’s music. I’ll make sure to link a couple of preview versions of those.

Here are the previews:

WIP Cinematic

WIP First Level

I’ll have more art next update. When I finish the songs, I’ll make sure to let everyone know, but I won’t be releasing those separately until after I finish the game.


I’m back with some more image posting. I promise that this project is not dead- although I may miss the Oct 31st deadline and finish sometime in November, since I didn’t have a full month to work on this, and solo projects are really draining.

I’m really glad that I upscaled the pixel count of the characters. It’d be a lot more difficult and less appealing to show weight with something this small. So I’m glad I made the change to this:
But this is old news, so here’s new news. I have the male sprites fully-clothed now.

I have the costumes figured out for both playable characters, but if anyone wants to throw out suggestions for the NPC’s costume, feel free to.

Here is also an enemy. It’s a roach, but the joke is that it’s made of chocolate. It does spit a poison projectile though.
enemy2_pre-att anim
enemy2_att anim

I’m planning to finish the female costume and at least two other enemies today. Then I’ll take a day for music, possibly. I already have most of the code sorted for the game as well. All I need is a few more assets and I can start putting things together.

(The female outfit is a lot more showy than the male outfit.)


Sorry for going silent all of a sudden. I lost my login information and was only able to figure it out recently. The Forgot Password? prompt did not send to my email at all, so it took some Inbox digging to figure out which email this account was connected to.

I am also sorry to inform you, but I lost access to the files for this project sometime after the holidays in December. I have no plans to remake the assets or recode what I lost. Hopefully on my current hard drive I can produce something that will live up to the hype of this game.