Hanima and Gretchen (Twine 2)

This is a partially complete story written in Twine 2, focusing on magically-based stuffing and weight gain. Although Patreon will ask you to confirm your age, there’s no sex/nudity. All paths up to the end of the first couple of scenes should be complete, give or take the odd typo/glitch.

Hanima and Gretchen

Sorry, I can’t give you an ETA on when there will be more!


I absolutely love what you have so far, this is exactly the type of interactive story I’m looking for! I really like the pages after trying some of the food on the table, really help give a good sense of the time and effort going into forcing down all that food. I am excited to hear more from this project but I understand the lack of ETA. Keep us posted at your own pace! :slight_smile:

I loved the way the stuffing scene took advantage of the Twine format and, without spoiling anything, how creative you were with how witch’s magic worked.

On the non-WG side of things, I like how the choices are handled. They all seem like pretty reasonable options from the player character’s perspective and their consequences aren’t too obvious beforehand, but make total sense in hindsight, which I think is great.

I also like how the ending kind of hints at a dynamic where you’re trying to influence how both Hamina and the witch feel about you, with the possibility of conflicts where you have to choose between appeasing one or the other, which is very interesting to me (though I might be totally off-base lol. If so, I look forward to seeing the direction things go in).

The writing and descriptions are really great and it sets up for what could happen later down the line. Very good so far ^^

Really looking forward to more!

i liked it so far. take your time making it, a game is good when you enjoy making (and playing) it

i cant seem to get the game to work