Harem of Demons [GACHA AI-bot]

Hello everybody! I haven’t been here for a long time and now I’ve brought a new crazy idea. There is such a site with AI bots https://caveduck.io/, the feature of which is the change of images depending on the ongoing narrative. However, it works with varying success. And so I decided to turn around, turning this feature into the main mechanics of the bot. Now it’s a typical representative of the Gacha genre! Yes, your main goal is to knock out beautiful demonesses and try to gather them all into your harem. Show your wit and skills to choose the right words, but be careful, because demons may not be so easy to get your hands on.

Link to the bot: https://vk.com/away.php?to=https%3A%2F%2Fcaveduck.io%2Fcharacter-info%2Fb335ba1e-767b-41c8-b699-2f12a67bb426%3Frc%3DaihgDfmfHw&post=-225607267_20&cc_key=&track_code=

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Well, for the laziest, you can see all the used works on mine deviantart: Nukeissss - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Thanks for attention.


Yeah I REALLY tried with this bot, but no matter how much I try to change things around or impose the next demoness to occur, the image refuses to change. I got through the first demoness named Luck and managed to get to the next demoness (Whose name was Zenika?), but after trying for about half an hour no matter what I did the image wouldn’t change past the second girl. Also, every single demoness describes themeselves the exact same way. It’s definitely difficult to get into it when the image is someone with small boobs but the ai insists the girl pushes her huge boobs against you.

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If I were an insidious person, I would say something in the spirit that this is a gacha and that’s how it should be, but I guess it’s because the bot is fixated. One of these days I will deal with a more detailed description of the demonesses and I think the problem should become less critical. For my efforts, I will give you a hint, the key to changing the image, according to my idea, is the names of the characters. I recommend learning them from one of the demonesses and trying to summon one of them in this way. Thanks for the feedback.

It happened same to me, I have Luck, Rayo and Zenika surrendered to me and when I summoned them individual, the image still with Luck from the beginning. Other than that, I’m amassed how well the AI reacts with any message I made. I never tried this type of game before and I’m enjoying it.

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The platform itself is a little bit unfinished, as if. Therefore, there is a problem with the fact that the images do not change. Even though I gave more details and triggers for the estimate of the picture. But on the other hand, it really feels like a GACHA, where hours are spent on a chance to knock out a character.