Harvester of Plump Elves (HoPE) - Prototype (v0.1.4) release

Hello, HoPE (Harvester of Plump Elves) is my second game, a 2d action platformer where you can fatten up every character!

Prototype Teaser Video


In the near future, a portal to a world inhabited by elves who wield endless magic opens. You play as Kaya, a mercenary hired by a military corporation intent on fattening the elves until they can’t move and harvesting them. Quickly fatten up the elves with weapons powered by high-density fat fuel, and turn them into slaves who enjoy their new, plumper forms! However, be careful, as their powerful magic could end up making you gain weight too.
In the tutorial stage, you must defeat Drill Instructor Maeve to prove yourself.

Gameplay Features

You can move around using a jetpack and shoot enemies to fatten them up. Occasionally, dialogue events occur where you can see Live 2D morphing of major characters, which allows you to drag with the mouse to jiggle them. The joy is in watching the jiggling area increase as each character gains weight. More details can be seen in the teaser video above.


The prototype build is available on Patreon if you subscribe. It currently includes a tutorial with about 20 minutes of playtime. This game will be completed with updates over the next 2-3 months. During the process, WIP builds will be released periodically to subscribers. (The final version will probably be sold for $3.50, which is the same as the subscription fee.)

Download : https://www.patreon.com/posts/harvester-of-v0-104178254


I’m interested in this, but I don’t want to yet hop onto a patreon for a project I have no experience with yet.

But looks very charming, wishing you luck


Thanks, I’ll release a free demo someday!