Has Anyone Archived the "Don't Pop Me!" Game?

Basically, the game, IIRC, involved two girls, one of which was attached to a pump being used by the other to inflate her while trying to avoid popping her (hence the title). It was made by CattyN, who is often the subject of controversey to this day involving another user named TomPreston. (the controversey in question is hinted at by how someone edited one of TomPreston’s “So You’re A Cartoonist?” comics to have the fourth panel display a full-color panel from CattyN’s Azumanga Daioh inflation comic sequence)

If anyone has this game archived, please reply.

I think I have a copy on my laptop somewhere

Well, send me a PM containing the link to the .zip on Google Drive when you get it uploaded there. Thank you.

I want to be informed too! :smile:

What’s the game like?

It involves one girl inflating her friend with a bike pump, and you have to press SPACE to pump. Locations range from an empty living room to an open grassy plain to even a Vaudeville-styled theater. The goal is to get as high a score as possible while (hence the title) trying not to make the girl on the right explode into colored shreds within the time limit. Succeed in not popping the girl on the right, and you advance to the next stage/location. Make the girl on the right pop, and it’s pretty much Game Over (with a high score popup akin to what you’d see in Windows 3.1/95/98/ME-era PC games from the 80’s and 90’s). The trick is to have the girl on the left pump in a set (or fixed) rhythm in order to make the girl on the right nearly reach her bursting point and make it to the next stage. So, basically, it’s like a more-rudimentary version of games like Rhythm Heaven (albeit with no music).

Here is it


Thanks. Now, if only someone could export the in-game sprites of both girls…