Has anyone seen Lucy Vixen's belly videos + workout videos?

On Chatabox I’ve seen she’s done some promising-sounding belly fetish videos. Was just wondering whether anyone can recommend them because they are very expensive ($20) and there’s no preview at all?


Hmm, I remember seeing a weight gain compilation of her throughout the years, and she definitely went from thin to a gorgeous BBW. But I don’t think ANY belly jiggling video is worth $20 when there are millions of other great videos out there. But it’s great to see that’s she’s really embracing the new and improved her :+1:

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I know you’re right but it’s like this has been years in the making for people who follow her, I’m intrigued!

Yeah, I understand how you feel, it’s rare to see a model not only gain weight, but embrace it.

I’m going to lock this post. Weightgaming isn’t about sharing/talking about videos/pictures. Interactive content is our focus. There are plenty of other places where sharing/talking about non game related content is the focus. I’ve discussed this matter with @kilif and @grotlover2 and we’re in agreement that this kind of content is not a good fit for our site.

No one is in trouble, we just feel that going forward we wont be allowing posts like these. Hope you’re having a good summer (or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere)

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