Having trouble trying to find mods for Star bound big fatty's Mod

Hi Iā€™m having some trouble finding Add ons for Big Fatties mod If you have a link to anything that would be really appreciated :+1:

For public Big fatties you can look on the spread sheet here BF Starbound Mods - Google Sheets

I do have one question about that. Given that BF is getting an update sometime soon would some of those be outdated once it releases? I assume at least a couple of these are going to be updated to compensate for this new version of BF, but there might be a few ones that might get left behind. This is coming from someone that knows about the upcoming update but does not fully know all the details.

Well yes, since dispatch and apple redid a lot of old code and file structure of the mod there will be majority of the mods out there that will be outdated and will need a patch. I know some mods are all ready up to date or being worked on aka Iā€™m working on updating granular for the newest update.

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