Haydee II mod

Hello, from start I want to apologize for my English. I am not a native speaker of this language… Haydee 2 will be released on Steam in November and the authors promise a very flexible toolkit for creating mods. And as you can understand, I immediately have a request. Will anyone be able to make a fat mod for this game in the future? I remember that someone here already made a mod for the first part, but it will no longer be suitable for the sequel :frowning:
upd. Haydee 2 is out now.


Now we have people asking for mods for games that haven’t even been released yet?


A link to the game that you’re asking for a mod for would be helpful

Here you go

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I know. I look stupid. But you never know who gets interested and wants to do it. In addition, many are already familiar with the first part and maybe will decide to try make a mod. I am sorry if this has hurt you in any way.

As long as we can put the helmet back on because this right here is NOT the Haydee I know and love.


If nothing else, I’m sure someone will eventually make a mod for it (and I completely agree with you I loved the original Haydee).


I would be very glad if there was a wg mod on CyberPunk 2077 (it’s because 6 days left and everyone is waiting for this game)