haydee mods?



anyone know if work is being done on mods for the one piece robit lady simulator?


I know of at least a couple, done by anthro-anim.
This one is public, but I know he’s at least making more, whether or not they’re going to be publicly posted.



Anthro.anim did release his Fat Haydee mod :wink:


I’m necroing this thread for a very important shitpost
It’s very important


How about a weight gain mechanic and a map?


Anyone still have a link to Anthro.Anim’s Haydee mod? It got lost in the tumblr purge and clicking on the links on here just lead to porn ads


same dude and they’re probably malware too



I had a copy, i’ll take it down if the author wants me to, but for the sake of convenience and lack of communication with the artist, here you go.


Thanks man! You’re a life saver. :+1: