Heavy Foundations

imo main reason to add saving is to have all the npc quests and key items possible without getting a race, then getting one and do the main path of each race lol

it’s not too important tho as shade gets no benefit when eating a bigger npc nor does the skunk “spray” changes with npc weight, but still I like to think the canon of all my playtroughs is that they all end up fat lmfao, that’s my “happily lived after” to me

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I seem to be having trouble getting the Skunk change to happen.

To transform into skunk you need to click the words “open it” in Glavion’s dialogue when examining the box. Just figured it out for myself; it never occurred to me to mouse over the words since they aren’t a noticeably different color like most of the game prompts/links are (they are a different size tho).

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Ah, thanks I’d never figure that the link would be hidden like that.

And now I have no idea what to do.
I did the skunk, I’ve got everyone with the gas, got all the food.
Is the Gnatball suppose to do something, and what do I do with the marker?

If you are still having trouble, I can explain a few things, although I find myself a tad confused when you say you have got all of the food (four for each race, different locations for each) and haven’t used the gnatball yet.
The Gnatball is used to provide the distraction for the kitchen using the side-room in the right hall. For the skunk ending, you have to eat at the storeroom and thus must have used the gnatball. Plus, in order to feed all of the castle members you would need to get the crate of fish from the storeroom. After you have feed or talked (Servant doesn’t need you to feed them) to all members, you can go to the side-room of the courtyard and grab the key that opens the throne room. (Not garden)
If you desperately don’t want to get the key afterwards, you can climb out the window in the rightwing hall to grab a clone of the key that works in the same fashion, although you may still need to help some of the members for access to items.
It occurs to me as I edit this that you may not have known that you can access the acutal garden by using the key in the book, up at Dixio’s library. It would be a mistake to not mention that, as it isn’t present normally unless you are a skunk.

My apologies that I haven’t looked here very often. I’ve been trying to figure out how Quest works, since it was advised that I should work with it in the future.