Heavy Foundations

I’m pretty sure this is ready. It’s been bug-tested quite a bit, after all.
Introducing Heavy Foundations, a new Twine based story I made while trying to figure out a better way to do things. I was proud of FoxWood, but it was kind of messy. Now I know how Twine Data maps work, and a few more tricks as well.

But what is it?

Heavy Foundations is a tad more linear story about falling into a castle and losing something important, and trying your hardest to replace it. Meet NPCs and solve small puzzles! This story is Anthro, so I apologize to the feral fans. Diversity is important!
(Maybe the NPC thing doesn’t sound like much. But I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it in FoxWood because FoxWood was really messy. Treat it as a sign that my coding has become slightly more efficient.)

Here’s a new version. Do you want it? It’s yours my friend.

There are 5 endings in total. If you have any questions about getting them or bugs to squash, let me know and I’ll look at them. Also please tell me if I made grammar mistakes. If you hate them, I hate them double. I thought I corrected most of them though.


V2: A update I wasn’t planning to make, made anyway.

  • 2 new “replacements” have been added: Bird and …Skunk? Maybe avoid that last one. Someone probably wanted it though. To you, a gift. A very poor gift. But a gift nevertheless.
  • Grammar fixes have been made, but more may have been introduced. Keep your eyes peeled.
  • You can now skip the inhabitant quests by talking to someone. Not the eating events though.
  • I’m sorry Parnash, I’d like to acknowledge that I did try to setup a basic, NetHack type mapping system. Harlowe REALLY doesn’t want to align the symbols properly though. Maybe next game…
  • Fixed bugs with objects being obtainable multiple times. (Sorry, you can’t have a billion keys. I have decreed it so.)
  • Added a small save feature.(Harlowe SEEMINGLY doesn’t have support for proper saves like Sugarcube, so this is more of a quick rewind then a proper save… Wow, it seems like Sugarcube is generally better for everything, huh. Shame I’m quite bad at HTML.)

Thats cool, but can we pick the species of our main character or add some more in like avali, birds ECT

I’ll consider it. The current rooms of the castle are a little crowded though, as far as adding content. Maybe I could add another area/floor to the castle?

oh okay, and thank you!

you should, and you should make a discord server so we can chat and discuss the game together!

Typo, since you asked to tell you about them.


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This was a really nice little game. Took a second to get the reference, though.

i got the happily ever after ending but i wouldnt know how to get any other ending :o

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Understood. You see…

Walkthrough for V1 (Will there be a V2?)

There are 3 endings currently, one for each “replacement”. Fox, Shade and Kobold. You get Fox from bringing the Servant’s sculpture to the Courtyard statue, the Shade by reading the Gibberish book in the library and taking a deep dive into the Darkness room near Glavion, and you get the Kobold by drinking the potion after helping Dixio.

Each “replacement” has a different path after you’ve turned into it. For example:

Shade: The Shade’s Path is about vore. Unlike the other paths, you don’t need to help the other inhabitants of the castle. All you need to do is eat them. Everyone except Dixio will go down easy, but you’ll need the marker from Glavion’s room to help getting to him. After that, take a gander down to the throne room like usual.

Fox: The hallway outside Dixio’s tower now has food for you, given your eyesight. After that, wander off to do the inhabitants quests. After you’ve done Dixio’s and gotten the GnatBall, taken it to the kitchen and then caused the distraction, you’ll also be able to eat at the storeroom. The last two events are in the darkness room where you get Shade and the Servant’s room, which you get via marker. After that, grab the key from the courtyard sideroom and sit on the throne.

Kobold: The most straight forward path. Take and consume the instruments near Glavion, the ingots in the beginning room, the gold in the crawlspace near Vissa, and the Cube in Main Hall. Then just do the inhabitant quests like normal and take the key to the throne room.

If you have any other questions let me know.


Honestly, this game would definitely benefit from some kind of map. I know it’s probably not possible in twine, but one can hope.

What an amazing game.
100% my favorite wg twine game. Loved every second of it with the special traits and foods of each race. I’m really looking forward to your next project ngl lol

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I tried. It IS possible in twine, but seemingly very hard in Harlowe. In Sugarcube it seems pretty easy, but the nature of Sugarcube in inscrutable. If anyone knows any good guides I’d be down.

For the record, I did try to setup a symbol map, akin to ASCII dungeon crawlers. No dice. Harlowe wants to format each line with inconsistences, which makes it very hard to setup a consistent map.


Oh, well since the update will take a while, maybe think of making a discord for us to discuss and you can let is beta test the updates?

The V2 update is out, actually. Also:

  • While I may update any of the games I make, Twine adventures are kind of finicky. I usually avoid updating them over a certain point in order to maintain a certain level of under-complexity. Heavy Foundations is already kind of getting to the point where each new ending or character is stretching the boundaries into levels that are too complicated for the average player. I mean, Parnash literally just asked for a graphic map. That is a sign that I need to reconsider my approach again. While the many room approach works, it also seems to have it’s issues. So although this game may get another update, don’t depend on that. I might just try to make something better, instead.
  • Making a discord server is a great idea on a larger project. However, I usually stick to smaller projects, and Twine doesn’t leave me with very many beta-testing opportunities. Probably not this time, sorry.

oh okay, well thanks for replying to my messages!
Also you should add saving

The attempt is appreciated, I do love the game, just after a while I felt like I was lost, haha.

I’m loving the new update, thanks!
I also did a map for myself simply because I enjoy doing them, so might aswell share it for those that need it.

Heavy Foundations V2 Original Map (1072x502)

Heavy Foundations V2 Bigger Map (2144x1004)

Alternatively both can be found in this imgur link in case anyone needs to zoom


Also while doing the map I found these “bugs”? Although I’m not sure if they’re bugs
*You can obtain an infinite ammount of the “GateKey” item in the library (Skunk route)
*You don’t need the marker item to be able to draw in the easels located in the clouds (Bird route)
*You can obtain both kingdom keys in a single playthrough

Nice maps!
And yes, aside from the duplicate kingdom keys, those are both bugs. (Technically, the Owl’s kingdom key isn’t supposed to exist, so I didn’t stop you from getting the real one.)
Can’t believe I didn’t catch the marker one.
(I’ll probably fix that in a bit, as well as maybe a saving feature? Saving isn’t as sophisticated as in SugarCube, though. It seems more like a glitchy jump backwards, which maybe isn’t super useful given that the game is short. Might be useful for undoing race tfs when you don’t want specific ones.)


Thats awesome!! thank you!