Heavy Ordnance


Hello! This is an in-development project I’ve been working on since… the last one I made. It’s a first- and third-person shooter with retro inspirations in which you play as a big orca creature who gets fat (and strong) by absorbing energy. Currently contains one short-ish level and a couple of cutscenes, with plans to add more in the future. Will eventually have macro (and micro) stuff, but it’s not in there currently.

I’m trying out donations on Itch for the first time, in part because of how kinda-huge an undertaking this is turning out to be (pun intended? I guess?), but obviously there’s no obligation.


Oh? Now that’ve got my attantion.

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Well, this is definitely interesting.

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this looks sick as hell!


dunno why i expect be few vore since orca know to eat living being


Very good showing so far. Seems to work well, though I noticed enemies seem to love crowding your face unprovoked. I got to 48% weight. I don’t know if that’s the rough limit for the first level or if I just had a skill issue. Some notes

Game kinda gives me FEAR/Trepang vibes. I think you should lean into this by making enemy ragdolling more intense, and adding more radio chatter.
No rotational view to see how big you’re getting from all angles. A bit sad, but I can understand with how early it is.
Mod support. This game has huge potential. Idk how easy it’d be, but this could really generate some long term interest.
Maybe add belly noises and burps at higher weights.


Oh wyow! Now this is unexpected! I think my only real note is that this really could do with a volume slider. Considering that’s my one complaint though, pretty good! I thought this was a lot of fun and look forward to future updates.


well this is something new and i like it the gameplay is not bad as the AI can use cover and the guns are not bad to as I use the shot gun a tons as it kill in one hit the only thing I wish for is button mapping so I can change the buttons more to my liking.


Damn this is a good demo, love the concept and even though the gunplay was a little simplistic I had a good time with it.
The only issue I ran into was getting stuck on the ledge while jetpacking, but no bugs beyond that. I will say that the minigun having pinpoint accuracy lets you cheese things a bit by sniping everyone from down the halls, but I’m more than happy to use that to my advantage for higher weights ; )
Very excited to see where this project goes, it’s got a ton of potential.


For some reason I can’t start the game. Clicking the “Begin Game” button does nothing, clicking the “Continue” button fades the screen, but does nothing else.


Great game! Maybe add in weapons that do a lot of damage (or aoe) at the cost of your stored energy when you are in a pinch on the later levels! Also, you could try to incorporate the weight level of the player in to the finishers by making the animations change a little (maybe harder to get up at higher weight levels, but able to preform finishers at higher health percentages)


Pretty neat and fun little demo. I was kind of annoyed at first by the way the enemies constantly try to hide behind things, but I eventually realized that you can just smash through said things, including support columns, haha.

I am curious, though… Are there secrets that I’m missing in the first level, or has it just not been fully built in this version? I noticed several sealed-off areas and an out-of-reach door which I never managed to get to, not to mention the giant door at the end. I’m also not sure whether the brick has an actual purpose or is just meant as a joke.


I’ll see what I can do about this, thanks for reporting. I had some really long load times during testing so it might just be taking a super long time. Were you able to start at all, or was this on your very first new game?

Those aren’t among the influences, but I’m flattered by the comparison! Ragdolls could probably take some more torque but I think the forces are currently about at the limit of Unity’s abilities. Rotational view & noises are good ideas! I have no idea how to implement mod support, though.

There are three of them, in the audio section of the settings menu at the bottom right of the pause/title screen. Maybe this should be a regular inline button.

Will look into this, I’ve never done it before but how hard can it be?

This has been a consistent problem with the character movement script I use, i might just be able to fiddle with some values to mitigate this.

The finishers can be performed after a threshold of damage is reached in a short time, and higher weight makes you deal more melee damage, so that’s pretty much the extent of the scaling. Once you hit 100% there’s a special attack you can do, maybe a weapon that does extra damage at the cost of energy could be interesting.

Nope, this is it. I pared it down to make it serve as more of a streamlined tutorial. We’re probably coming back to Tau base to see what’s behind those doors at some point. The brick has a purpose that is maybe my favorite game mechanic! It was too good just to throw in.


It’s funny… Probably around the same time you were typing that, I actually did manage to reach that high door I was asking about. By spending entirely too much time pushing breakable objects around, I was eventually able to build a staircase of sorts to jump off of:

And my reward for my trouble was…

…a blank wall behind the door. Oh well. To be honest, I was surprised that the door was even functional.

Aside from that, although I didn’t get stuck while jetpacking, I did almost soft lock myself by attempting to butt slam a breakable object. My character just wouldn’t actually land the butt slam, for some reason, so I kept hovering on top of the object. I thought I would have to reload the game, but I eventually managed to wiggle myself free somehow. Perhaps some sort of condition to automatically terminate the butt slam attempt after a while would help?


I have the same problem. And yes, this is my first time, I cant move anywhere from it, even “cancel” button doesnt work. I mean, its not freeze, all buttons react when I click on them.
And one more thing, when I click “continue”, screen turns black and music changes, nothing else.

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I enjoyed this.

I enjoyed this very much.



My biggest problem is the controls. Like, I think I’m supposed to break open a crate to get a gun, but my punch doesn’t work, so I gotta jump and ground-pound? Which is space and left control in the air…

And that’s just. Unpleasant for my hands to do with keyboard. Is there any way to change the keybindings?


you dont have to do complex things like ground pounding! you can keep hitting Q or (before getting the gun) LMB! It’ll break after a couple of punches-- I don’t know why the creates and barrels don’t have health bars (maybe to make it less cluttered?)

Also adding in general for the thread: LOVED playing this so far! VERY excited to see how this develops or how you’ll polish things like dialogue boxes and ui stuff. It’s really nice quirky and exciting to play so far.


Thanks! I’ll give it another try later on, then.


I probably should’ve expected this, but I have no idea how you stacked those crates! There’s a tedious object-pushing exploit that does have an easter egg, but this is not it.

I think I’m probably gonna fix getting stuck between a wall and an object while butt slamming by adding more air attacks that you can cancel out of the butt slam with, so you can break the thing you’re stuck on by repeatedly attacking.