Heavy Ordnance

This is a bug that needs to be dealt with now that some more basic technical stuff has been taken care of. The camera collision is off just enough to be really annoying.

It’s a bit superfluous, mostly just because I didn’t know what else to put in the barrels. I like having an alternate healing source to make 0 kill runs more plausible, maybe they should be a full heal to make them matter a bit more.

I forgot we have a helmet on. (>_>) Yeah, that’s gonna make it difficult. Perhaps some kind of special kaiju scene where your gear rips off? No promises, though.

This is an interesting idea! Might be good for a stronger Mother Slime of some kind.


Sadly, I don’t think so. There are cutscenes that show the orca in a frontal view, and there is a method to get to those triggers without getting the suit, so…

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I have one question, everytime I try to launch the game, it always said can’t find UnityPlayer.dll. What should I do?

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You probably haven’t unpacked the game. You do not need to click on the “Start” button, but on “Extract everything”. Then you can play. The game icon should be in place of the file icon, like this


I gave the first level a couple of runs and I have some feed back for ya.

  • Third person mode is very good, no issues with the camera or with the crosshairs not being where you are actually shooting, I would also like to have rotational view when you aren’t shooting or aiming I don’t think it needs tweaking.

  • First person mode however is kind of sickening to use, particularly when using your punch string and during the door opening animation. I don’t know quite how to fix this and this might just be a me issue.

  • Sprinting feels basically the same as your default movement speed, and I think you end up moving much faster if you keep using your dash punch over and over. I’d either boost the movement speed that sprinting gives you or just get rid of it.

  • Butt stomp feels pretty bad right now, you fall at the same speed as your normal falling speed (which is slow), you can’t fire your gun or change direction while doing it, and you get up from the ground slowly one you finish, which gives enemies free shots on you during that animation.
    While you do
    I’d make the stand up animation faster and give butt stomp a faster falling speed so you aren’t helpless in the air for as long.

  • Finally the dash punch is kind of crazy, it deals great damage, has no cool down so you can spam it, it’s the fastest way to move if you keep chaining it and it has a bit of aoe so you can also use it against groups of enemies just fine.
    Giving it some kind of nerf to prevent it from being spammed, like maybe a cool down time that get longer the more times you use it in a row like how bashing works in left 4 dead, would help it not be so powerful and have it invalidate the butt stomp and tail slap.

I really like what I saw from the demo, movement feels good, melee combat feels useful and fun to do, I like the difference in human and non human enemies to make fighting them feel different, and all of the character models are quite good.
I have some other more minor grievances; like the game feeling easy with the intense out of combat health regen, the shotgun could have a bit more oomph, and you can’t use that 44 magnum from the first cutscene (big sad) but they are really minor and regardless the game is a lot of fun.

Good luck with development!


Thanks, you really help me.


Not fully agree about third persone: approaching the doors, the camera abruptly switches to first-person mode, and back to third-person mode if the door has broken or the character has moved away. Well, as an “idea” - I would like to be able to consider “my” forms except from behind.


The first person mode is achieved by moving the camera directly to the character’s head, which is nice because you get the head bob for free, but the possibility of motion sickness is definitely a downside. This could be an accessibility feature, maybe? A motion sickness mode where your view doesn’t move around in first person, maybe displaying a static torso below the camera? Something to think about.

Sprinting is only a 25% increase in move speed currently, but it will be more useful once the macro stuff is incorporated. Admittedly at the moment it’s just a token ability that helps you do stunts.

Definitely juicing the butt stomp. Gonna try and slap some Wario Land flavor on it.

My idea to deal with this is to give it a combo, so it’ll be slightly harder to spam just the dash move. Also to help it feel less spammy when repeatedly used against beefy enemies, which I’m a bit more concerned about.

This first level is pretty easy to help sell the sense of power I’m going for, there’s plenty of room to add stronger enemies in greater numbers later on who are on a more even footing with the player character. (at least at their lowest weight.) Also I was playing Destroy All Humans! (2005) during development and was annoyed by the glacial health regeneration in that very hard game.

Also-also I’m going for emergent difficulty with this one, which is why I’m probably not doing a difficulty slider. Pacifist/melee-only runs are the hard mode!


I wouldn’t personally say that the head bob is nice, considering this is an action shooter and it makes aiming much harder in first person. Would be great if there would be an option in the future to toggle that off.

Bonus Belly frontal view without suit



100% (First cutscene. Sadly the weight changes are not applicable during the opening cutscene)


This is so great! I genuinely can’t wait to see more of this! Excellent work! :two_hearts:


Just wanted to add my own thoughts on the moves:

When I did my no-suit run, I actually had some trouble jumping across to the high window, mainly because I couldn’t tell whether or not running was toggled on–the difference is that small. Of course, once I had verified that it was on, I just left it that way–a side effect of the difference being that small is that there’s no reason NOT to run everywhere.

The butt slam is very slow, I agree. I still couldn’t resist landing a butt slam from on high when jumping into the final room, but it did feel a bit bad everywhere else. Considering that it’s probably the most “weighty” move in the character’s arsenal, I would really like to get to use it more.

The dash punch being the fastest movement option is kind of amusing, but I actually didn’t use it that much in combat, mainly because I had trouble reliably hitting enemies with it. (I was playing in 3rd person view, so maybe that’s why.)

I actually used the tail slap the most, since it was the easiest melee attack to land–and, as a result, I used the regular punch combo very little. Even the big slimes suffer enough hit stun to be chain attacked by the tail slap, so pretty much the only time I used the regular punch was when I wanted to avoid one-shotting an enemy so that I could use a finishing move.


Playing this game was probably the most fun I’ve had playing a video game in a while, even counting non wg themed games. So I was kinda disappointed there’s only one level so far, but that leaves me excited for what could come next! This game definitely has a lot of potentional and I would love to see it developed further.
My only issue with the game is the first person mode. It definitely looks a bit janky while doing melee attacks, so I didn’t use it as much.


Played it, was really fun. However, I forgot to check the controls at the start of the game and just shot at things until they stopped moving. great game