HeavyAdventure 0.6.0

yeah… but i could’t even get to the chubby one

Currently Uploading, should be fixed by now. Give feedback on the sprites, that would be great!
Maybe start a new game? Gameplay-Loop needs to be improved i think.

AI Art will be added at some point, but not right now.

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so… now i can actually reach the weight stages?

Another Update, now with a little AI art

If I gain even a little weight and seemingly go to the first sprite change, my character loses the ability to move. :confused:

… what the frick, ok will be fixed

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I think this game has great potential, at least because there are very few good games on rpgmaker right now. But for a good game you need to do a lot more. Now I won’t talk about bugs and something like that, although I myself found a bug where when I change the sprite to a thicker one, I can’t move. A couple of my suggestions:

  1. Work out the character’s lore, what she did, what kind of world, environment, etc.
  2. More opportunities for interaction. For example, the ability to build a house for yourself, if you have enough money and approach the builder character, this could give a bonus to hunger and weight gain, for example.
  3. More characters to interact with. For example, you can hire a maid if you have already bought a house, she will talk to you and bring food. Feeder character, feedee character.
  4. The ability to upgrade the village would look new and very interesting.

Heavy Adventure Update

So after some time I worked on my little game. There is a lot in planning.
This Update however has some things redone and made the game a little harder.
There are a lot of ideas I want to try out. Do me a favor, try out my game and leave some feedback.
It is still a young project and a WIP. I want to a lot more characters, locations and so on.


I think the new home location and town are definite improvements. For the new Home you should probably change it so that you can’t ‘tidy’ the same item multiple times because that can lead to confusion and wasted actions.

I’m a bit confused by the hunger system, it always seems to be in the negative and my character is always too full to eat at the inn even if she hasn’t had anything else that day - maybe doing a total reset of the stat on sleeping would fix that? Generally providing more feedback to player actions would be an improvement - text for when you’re beginning to get full, are full, or push past fullness would make the system less opaque and also serve to give the player avatar more of a character.