HeavyAdventure 0.6.0

Hello Friends, here I share with you my project! It is early in development and a lot of it is not done, ready or fleshed out. Thats why I need “testplayers” and feedback. Maybe even a little bit of help.
It is also not very long and you will figure stuff out very quick.
More things will be added soon! Ideas are also always welcome!

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Honestly it’s not really appealing when you present it like that, also, give some pictures and maybe backgrounds if you want people to at least give it a try.


No man, I do not want attention. I just want test players and some feedback.
Its my first project and I never used rpgmaker before.
If the game has potential I will put more work into that.

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But you can always put some images so we (the users) can see what did you do with the developing of your game, mainly to see if it’s… interesting? don’t misunderstand me…


I gave the game a shake and in my time had no bug issues and the like. I saw how the energy system worked and had a suggestion for it. Is there anyway to make exploring and gardening have separate energy even if it is less than the five total energy it would allow for more consistent set of play than sitting to wait for plants or run off to the side a few times. I have no suggestions for the weight system in its current state but I did notice that hunger doesn’t decrease it only goes up as you eat.

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Yep, boring as hell. So, here’s couple things I don’t like here. 1. Make massage about DEBAG: PLANT SETTLED (or something like that),TIMER STARTED disappear, please. It’s annoying when every time when you come into base location, you have to click several times. Just make an instruction how it works.
2. What’s with the menu and hunger number? As it was mentioned before, it always increases, even though I eat a lot of food.

Now, ideas:

  1. I noticed that there are dried vines on the stone wall, along which it is possible to climb higher. And what if MC use this as a passage to another location, for example, a city where we can sell monster parts. Over time, when the character becomes too fat, she will not be able to climb the vine, because it is too old and rotten (yeah, yes, of course). Then Idea 2 comes in .
  2. Another passage is the river on the right. Perhaps she will be able to jump from platform to platform and get to another location, the same city. But one day she will stumble / become too fat to jump and fall into the river and be carried down by the current to the village, from where she will be able to get either back or, again, to the city.
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it’s less about attention and more about insurance, because right now there is nothing to guarantee this aint just a virus to swipe data and accounts from people

is there actually any weight gain stage of the mc? or not?

@Manchura Ok thats a good argument, I really did not see it that way. I am working on the game right now, I guess I will update the Page at some Point this week.
@FAsoraKB Yes , there is feedback on the sprites would be great btw. But honestly it takes very long to get to this stage.
@papan_2021 Thanks for the ideas, I will add a small village, overall there needs to be more stuff

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Hey guys, a slightly better version is now out. Enjoy!

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so… now there’s an inn right? what it means it will help to gain weight faster?

You can sell monsters part there, so you can buy some food.
Found a bug for the first time. It appeared after I interacted with a well.

Another little Update with bugfixes and content.

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Another little Update, which includes some bugfixes and new events. Nothing too excting.
Hope you have fun. I will work on some new encounters and on a stuffing scene next.
Leave your ideas in the comments.

the sprites doesn’t trigger to me, i keep in the stage 1 even when i made her to weigh more than 200 kilos

Oh I am sry, I will fix it now

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thx a lot! cause i want to see the other wg stages and see if the character gets slower

Oh no, thats not implemented yet. the sprites are done and will show. Other effects like getting slower and creaking, people reacting are still to be implemented.

what i mean is that the mc doen’s go to next stages even if she weight more than 200 kilos, or is not implemented yet to go to fatter stages?

there is a stage at 220KG