Hedonism Fantasies (Replaced with a better RPG Maker MV Project)

This project will be replaced with a much better RPG Maker MV project called Weight is the key to love head on over there instead


Hey, may I join this stuffing RPG bug testing discord you mentioned? It sounds like it might have some great resources that could help me with the game I’m working on in RPG Maker MZ!

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Sure here you go, link expires in 7 days

Thank you graciously, bro

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Also I saw your game here on weightgaming, I’m looking forward to it

Can I ask what we doing with the MC? Male or Female or will there be options for either

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What if there is a in the middle option where you and another character become mutual gainers feeding each other? Also how big would the maximum size be?

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Fair warning, VX ACE has lower quality sprites bc they’re less pixels wide. I’m making a game with ACE and I’m too far in now but it’s annoying

You’ll probably be a female, MC. but I may or may not add both options for a male or female mc. We’ll see

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That’s a good idea I’ll use that, thanks

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I’m waiting for the discord to get back to my question. If I like the answer I’m given over there then I’ll be switching to RPG maker mv. Besides I haven’t started development yet so it’s not too late.

This project is officially gonna be made with RPG maker mv instead


Change of plans I’m not going to be using MV or mz with any projects I’ll be permanently sticking with vx ace

Mainly due to me having to be more manual then I’ll have to be with vx ace

Such as a stressful time choosing different hair colors for the custom sprites. Due to their only being blonde versions in the files

Nevermind RPG maker mv it is. I found a workaround to make it easier. Sorry for not being able to make up my mind

This project will be replaced with my main project “weight is the key to love” don’t worry it’s still an RPG Maker MV title

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female mc for sure, I prefer female weight gain games.


Me as well, but it doesn’t hurt to have even more replay value if you think about it

A different experience with a different gender