Hello, been lurking for months, finally made an account, (also does anyone want some free VN sprites?).

Howdy folks.

I’m Artificially Degenerate. I am a student by day, and a novice stable diffusion proomter by night.

here’s an example of my work (I’m ok with calling it work because there was a lot more than just prompting involved here):

(this is stage 3 out of 5 stages, I’m new so I cant post more than 1 image in a topic)

Let me know what you think! If anyone wants this particular character for a project, I can provide them the images (all 5 weight stages) for free, since this was just an experiment that I did to satisfy my own curiosity. (plz ignore dead pixels)



Here are the rest of them! (I am now level 1)

The missing bows are intentional on the last 2 (it doesn’t fit anymore).