Hello everybody, discussion time about your thoughts on health!

Ok, I’d like to talk about thoughts on weight gain, especially my ideas on health. I feel kind of upset about my fetish because of health problems that come with it. It feels wrong to like this. I feel bad to be into this. Sorry if this is a bummer, but it’s a serious question that I’ve always asked myself, if this will hurt people more then the pleasure it gives me? Any views that you guys have?

we did have a thread like this before so you could read that if you want

as for my thoughts. I haven’t though about it to much really. I would never push it on someone, but if they wanted to gain partially for my sake I wouldn’t feel bad about it (unless it becomes destructive of course). if they wanted to only for my sake I would ask them not to (I think at least)


Thanks for telling me

This is partly why I keep any gainer ambitions in the realm of fictional fantasy where they can safely go hogwild. In reality my tastes are a lot more modest, preferring simple chub or plumpness.


Well there are ways for those who are on the heavier side to still be healthy (even when comparing to someone who is in the healthy weight range), the main reason is for them still be physically active. As long as an overweight person still performs exercises and other activities to keep their bodies moving, the effects of weight gain can be weakened (also they will look a bit tighter compared to someone who doesn’t put in the effort).

However there are limits, so don’t expect someone weighing 500 pounds and moving like they did when they were 300 pounds (stretching maybe, but the same exercises will change due to the increase size).

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What we write, draw, and code, is entirely fiction. It’s okay to be embarrassed by our fictional work, but it doesn’t make any sense to think of it as a moral hazard.
Regarding real life, I don’t think you’re being terribly fair to the fetish. Yes, WG is bad for people’s health, but it’s not really something that can be helped, psychologically. Truth be told, the fetish is old. Very old. Like, really old. We’re better off just accepting how we are and taking personal initiative to not mindlessly gratify anyone that can’t button up their jeans. Just, be mindful, okay?


I am locking this thread since it’s a duplicate. For anyone who wishes to continue this discussion please use the following thread as pointed out by @Yamhead