Hello Everyone I Have Returned

I’m Sorry I Have Not Released Any More Information As You Didn’t Know I Decided To Take A Break From Game Development Mainly Because Of All The Stress , And Frustration But Now I Have Good News I Have Now Teamed Up With A Popular User On DeviantArt Named DarkMasterN Famous For Posting Many Content Combining The WG And Horror Aspect So Now I’m Still Far Away From Having My Own Development Team But I Still Got One New Member So Now Me And DarkMasterN Will Be Teaming Up To Develop Better Future Projects Especially If You’re A Fan Of WG Horror Or Just Horror That Means I Am Bringing Back My Somewhat Abandoned Doki Doki Literature Club Series And A Few Other Upcoming Titles Will Be Coming Back But Remember Not Every Title Is Coming Back Just Certain Ones That Are Perfect For Celebrating This Occasion Of Mine Yes I Am Coming Back Better Than Before If You Have Any Questions Please Feel Free To Ask There’s A Lot Coming Your Way


Well, well. This sounds pretty interesting! Horror is something we’re totally missing here.

And I hope you take it easier this time. Stress comes with game dev, but at the end of the day, you’re supposed to enjoy your hobbies. Have fun with it.

Alright, I wish you a lot of luck with your projects! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

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Cool I won’t be working on a brand new project until DarkMasterN gets back with me but feel free to play my outdated version of doki doki fatty grounds until I start on the complete redone version of doki doki fatty grounds which will start being redeveloped tomorrow in the morning the main reason I’m bringing that game back is 1 Doki Doki literature club is considered to be a horror game no matter what and 2 I plan on adding lots of horror aspects to it

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Also here’s my discord link for anybody that wants to join if you haven’t joined already

The return of the messiah

You Could Say That :joy: XD