Hello everyone, im lizzy!

Hello, im Lizzy i use she/they pronouns and as you can imagine i like fatties just a bit (a lot of bit). It’s nice to meet all of you here!


you may be lizzy

but are you thin

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Welcome to the madness, and hope you enjoy it

Irl im at the cusp of being overweight at 170 lbs 5’9ish, my oc lizzy, her weight ranges a lot from thin to very chomky, so kinda?

then i regret to inform you that the boys are not, in fact, back in town


I thought you were making a thin lizzy reference when you first asked, lol.

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Those puns are truly awful. You’ll get a bad reputation

And to get back on topic, welcome to the forums, @ballistic_banana

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Ok, good to know, don’t make puns
it’s nice to meet all of you! y’all seem pretty cool from what i’ve lurked off previously

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