Hello, Forum. Pandoran Mechromancer here.

Been lurking this place for awhile now, and finally worked up the courage to actually create a account.

I guess i’ll start with some information about myself. The name’s Pandoran Mechromancer, or just Mech for short, and due to being diagnosed with a case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome i’m mostly confined to my home, with a lot of free time. All of my education went into cooking and social studies, so i have no experience with programming outside of modifying a few files with Notepad. I’m not a native English speaker, as some of you might tell with my writing, but i hope to learn quickly of any mistakes i make, and correct them as soon as i can.

I enjoy roleplaying on forums like this or through PM’s, PC gaming, just generally chatting, and i’m open and willing to work with most fetishes.

I currently live within the CET (GMT +1) timezone, and is most active around that time.

With the introductions done, i hope i can become a valuable member of the community. :slight_smile:

Welcome! Welcome to the Weight Gaming forum. You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest fetish centers. I thought so much of the Weight Gaming forum that I elected to establish my administration here, in the Fetishmaster sub forum so thoughtfully provided by our benefactor, Kilif. I’ve been proud to call the Weight Gaming forum my home. And so, whether you are here to stay, or passing through on your way to parts unknown - welcome to City 17 the Weight Gaming forum. It’s safer here.

this was a half life reference if you didn’t realize

I did get that reference.

Thank you for the welcome. :slight_smile: I wished to wait until someone was gracious enough to reply. Didn’t want to rush into this forum too quickly.

EDIT: Still learning all of the intricacies with this posting system. May be a while before i can do anything fancy with it.

Hello, welcome to the forums! Always nice to see new faces. Incidentally, I might be able to use your cooking knowledge, as I’m currently working on trying to make cooking in games a little more open and realistic.

If you need any help i’ll be glad to assist you. Still, i will warn you that with the CFS comes a few extra problems, including long and short term memory loss. I got a few reminders and such around the house as a countermeasure.