Hello guys~

Hellow everyone,
I’m fatonymous i’m a SFM Poster maker I usualy do SFM fat stuff over tumblr.
I let some friend publish my SFM stuff over tumblr since for now I dont run a blog myself for that…
Since i’m someone a bit shy so I dont really talk a lot…

Welcome, glad to have you around! Hope you enjoy your stay

An SFM animator? Interesting…I’ve been wanting to get into SFM, but just haven’t had quite the time. I have however been working in Mine-imator, and made some pics from Gmod. Great to make your acquaintance!

Well thanks you ! ;D
I’m not gona call my self animator since I dont do animation, I just do some fat posters with Haydee or fempyro sadly we dont have much fat model…

I used to faff around in Garry’s Mod with the inflator tool. Is SFM anything like that?

SFM is more like Ragdoll Mover in gmod… And it dont have any inflator tool beside a scale tool that can be helpfull sometime to make bigger.