Hello, I am Roses of Meat

Possibly you have seen my project “Meat´s Roses”, but not about my, so that I introduce myself, i draw and program(mainly in c), my drawings are a realistic style, but light styilized, i hope in future that my drawings will more realistic, also i have a account in deviantart that is “Roses-of-meat” where i submit digital drawings that have a style some diferent thar my tradicional drawings, actually program in c with library sdl2 the game “Meat´s Roses”.
My preferents are female weight gain, breast expansion, butt expansion and pregnant, but with some of realism, the forms pear and hourglass are my favorites, i would like in a future write some fanfics of kof and other videogame, but actually this is idea, also i like the genere of terror and mystery, but same with some of realism, my manly lenguage is the spanish, i am sorry for my english.

A fanart of Kula Diamond digital drawing:

Luscinia a character of my game “Meat’s Roses” in tradicional drawing:


Well welcome back i am hoping to get more updates on your game.

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us and I look forward to seeing how your project develops!