hello, i have a question for a cooking RPG game on steam... +WG?

hello there, as the title says, i have a question for a cooking RPG game that i’ve been seen on steam for a while now…
and if it has WG in it?

the game is called ‘‘battle chef brigade’’, and i must ask something about this game:

i know that you defeat monsters, and then you use their meat/stuff as cooking materials for unique new recipes, but the big question is:
can you feed people with it?
and is it possible, perhaps to make some people (or even playable characters) fatter by feeding them such unique food recipes?
if this game has some sort of feeding or WG functions in it, (even accidentally), that would be awesome!

(in short, does this game have any feeding/fattening elements in it, or weight gain?)
plz let me know if you have any info on this, thanks!

PS: to make this thread more useful, apart from this game, do you happen to know of any other games in steam that have cooking AND weight gain in them? (or any game with similar themes)


I have never played it but I have seen some footage of it and I dont think it has any weight gain in it. I could be wrong though so I would take what I say with a grain of salt.

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I own the game and there isn’t any weight gain. But silverlining, there is a lot of variety with the various character’s body shapes.

if you appreciate games that keep you on your toes in more ways than one, then that game will be a nice addition to your library of games :smiley: