Hello? Is there anyone on this frequency?

Greetings! My name is Asharru. Long time lurker turned new user looking to hangout with some misfits like me. Honestly I’m not certain if I’m doing things right but never the less I’m willing to go out and find a place here. I’ll try to contribute here with some ideas and concepts for games that might see the light of day. (depends on how I feel) Truth be told, I’m hoping to find some people to play dnd with since I saw some dnd stuff here that looked appealing so let me know if you need a player! I believe I rambled on for long enough so let me just say thank you for reading and I hope this will be a good experience. Good luck, misfits.


Welcome to the community! I don´t play dnd but ideas and concepts are always appreciated here. Anyways I hope you´ll enjoy this place as much as I do. Looking forward to see you around!

Thank you! I’m glad to be a part of this place.