Hello, Max here

Hey uh… I just made an account here and I thought I’d introduce myself. I haven’t actually browsed here all that much (not even as a lurker), but I’ve known about this place for a while and I figured given what I do it was about time I checked it out.

I draw a lot of inflation and weight gain, and occasionally I’ll start developing games too, though most of them I never finish. It’s almost a year old, but if you want you can play the last game I finished here (it’s a top-down shooter based around inflating enemies, so no weight gain there):


Also got my twitter and DA linked as well. I’ll be honest, I’m posting this with no idea what to expect, lol
(also sorry if I’m not supposed to post games here, given it’s age I felt like it wasn’t worth making a separate topic for)



It is nice to see you another person that has dabbled in game creation :smiley:

We welcome you with open arms!

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Yeah, post games, chat about stuff, ask questions, argue, debate about rolls vs no rolls, etc. Whatever you like.

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eyyy max whatsupp, glad youre here too

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Heck yeah, my arrival got you to post here too

it’s been a bit since I’ve actually worked on it, but I’ve got this one platformer I had started a while back. Maybe if I make some more progress on it and figure out where it goes I’ll share that here, lol

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Really cool twin stick shooter you did there! Even if its older I would still suggest you make a #projects post for it if you wish. Either way though, happy to have you here with us and best of luck on your future projects!

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hmm… Know what, I think I will do that then. I was hesitant at first but I guess there’s no reason not to. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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