Hello people, I'm Kurikinton

Hello, again. I’m Kurikinton and i’ve been lurking a bit in the forums, since i’m not really a person that likes to comment a lot. But as a way to try and be more “sociable” , i commented on some topics and now i decided to introduce myself.

I have to say, i was really impressed by amount of games and mods that are here, and i even commented on some of them to give my opinion because they are fun. Is that type of work and dedication that i got inspired to develop stuff.At the beggining, it was mostly learning and creating stuff for myself as a hobby, but after playing some games like Project F.A.T , Roundbound and Witch of gluttony that i decided to create my own game and i hope i’ll be able to share it here once it’s done.

I’m developing now an Rpg maker game with primarly WG mechanics but i’m trying to make balance between the narrative, the gameplay and obviously, the WG part . I’ve learned a lot in these months but even still i haven’t progressed that much from creating the first part and designing the characters of the game, however, it’s a fun experience and again, i hope i’ll able to share it here once is done.

Thanks for reading and to all of you , have a nice day.


Welcome! I was in your place not too long ago, haha! This place is really a treasure trove!


Welcome to weight gaming @Kurikinton. It’s great to hear you are making some plans to develop something yourself after playing a few games in the community. Good luck to you and your project.