hello reddit


Yeah, I just say that and no more.

So, that’s the best and most honest way to introduce me.

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hello lacabra

Welcome to Weight Gaming.

Thanks, glad to see that, dude.

You’re very welcome. Have you heard of the game Starbound?

No, sorry. I have seen some images, but nope, I don’t know about.

Oh. Have you heard of the Big Fatties mod for Starbound? It is found here at this forum.

I see now. This sees good, but this is on Steam, right? I have no money, hue.
Anyways, if I do, probably I buy and test the mod.
Or well, if my toaster can run it, because, knowing how so bad is my PC.

Well it may just be able to handle Starbound… try it out if you have the money soon. There’s always the refund policy if it doesn’t run well enough for your liking.

I will try. Anyways, thanks for all the information.

You’re welcome. I hope you’ll have a nice experience on this forum.

Welcome to the forum! Happy to have you here!

Welcome to the forum, purple yoshi! Glad you’ve already found something you like!