Hello there everybody

Hi. We’re a system of tulpas (I know that may be confusing but bear with us).

We’ve been trying to make a game for some time now and haven’t made much progress since we have no idea what we’re doing. We’ve been afraid to ask people since it involves weight gain as a major part of the concept.

Luckily we just discovered you guys. We’re looking forward to really getting involved in this community and bringing our idea to life.


Welcome! Hope you have a good time and the game turns out well.

Welcome to the forums.

How much progress have you made? If you’ve got a setting/mechanics hammered out, you could probably justify making a post in Projects/Ideas, which might help you pose specific questions regarding your needs. Otherwise, Game Design Discussion is probably the place to pose theoretical design questions that you’re not particularly committed to.

You’ll get the hang of things, though.

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A system of tulpas? Cool! I’ve had an interest in tulpamancy for a long time now(but haven’t HAD the time to fully invest in it). Though what about the… Host? What about the original owner of your body? (If you don’t mind my curiosity)

Welcome to the site! Hope you will find this community to be helpful in your endeavors.

She’s here, I’m just switched out with her.

Oh yeah, I forgot that was possible. :sweat_smile:

Well, anyway, welcome! All of you! :grin:

We’ve got an idea of what we want for the mechanics, the story, the art style, the music, but we don’t have an idea of how to make it all possible.

The music we can compose and the art we can draw. The story has been mostly figured out already. Just the engine for this game is something we don’t know how to make. Then there’s the 3D models of which we have no experience making any and we don’t know how to make them look the way we want them to in the game.

We’ve been meaning to ask on other developers forums but have been afraid to since it is a weight gain game. The player’s character (and other characters) can gain weight and it’s a mechanic in the game. We were never sure how people would react to that. We even have a development license to make game for Nintendo consoles but Nintendo wants to see the finished game before giving us a license for the Switch and we need money to buy a dev kit even after that (we can get one for the 3DS and we have one for the Wii U but still).

Thank you, I’m Lapis btw. Nice to meet you.

Our host is Melinda

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The pathway to end hatred is to gain an understanding.

Thank you, hopefully I will

Thanks, I hope so too.

You could for the other development forms refer to the weight gain mechanic as “character customization” and possibly use body positive as an explanation for such sizes (to a point I suppose).

And Welcome to the forums! I hope y’all have a nice stay here!

Until I explain being fatter keeps you from going into certain areas, and you lose weight easily. Fat has advantages and disadvantages that don’t match reality so they will probably see through this.