Hello there, whats up.

The names Gold7
I have been around even before the old site’s disappearance. I just created my account today.
I hope I can help out in general games.

My response for everyone who reply: nice to meet you as well.

Welcome to the site Gold. I’m sure you’ll love the community here as much as I do

Welcome, Gold. I hope you have luck doing what you want here!

Welcome to the site.

Welcome! Always happy to see more long time users joining in!

Have you heard of Fatty Text Adventure Game?

Noone’s Fatty Text Adventure? if so yes I have.

Have you played it? What character did you play as? What do you like about the game?

I played it a lot back then. I played as many characters. From being a fox, to being a penguin. I like the weight gain features of the game. However I wish the game was longer. But it would be worth playing over and over again if it had a scoring system. I love the game, but after playing it and finding everything, its missing something.

Scoring system? How would you add this system into the game?

A long time ago I started a group on deviantart. Where you could say how fat you have gotten in the game. However I realized the cheats would easily ruin the scoring system. So the only way to fix this is through video proof. However this is also flawed as even in speed running, you can easily edit the video. So that was my plan for a scoring system.

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