Hello, World!

I recrntly found out about this website and I decided to join in. I’ve recently been getting into games that delve into expansion topics, and any games that involve weight gain are the ones that I’ve been playing the most of.
When I’m not playing games, I’m often writing anything that comes to my mind just to practice my writing skills. More often that not, most of my writings involve weight gain and inflation.
I am also a furry, with a red fox being my fursona. I also recently called myself a furry, so I’m still trying to establish myself as a furry. My own fursona is a red fox, simply because I love foxes. When it comes to my taste in furry art, I often love art that features fatfurs and inflated furs.
I hope that I can become friends with anybody who reads my introduction post. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my introduction!


Welcome to the site! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in what we have going on here. This community may be (relatively) small for now, but that’s probably because the subject matter is rather niche. Nonetheless, I personally am glad to hear that you are open about being a Fox-fursona furry, if not simply because foxes are my favourite animal and being a furry too and what-not.

Rambling aside, welcome to Weight Gaming.
Hope to see you around, and if we do have a discord if you want to join it as well.

Seeya around!


Yeah. I want to have a skunk fursona but I don’t really have any right now. What do you like about foxes?

Welcome to the site! Happy to have you here and I hope you can find so more fun games here!

What fursona do you have Grotlover2?

We’re glad to have you! And we’re double-glad to see you’re open about your fetishes; I personally hope everyone feels welcome here, no matter what they bring to the table~

We’ll see you around!


Welcome to Weight gaming! we hope that you will have a great time!

Welcome to this wonderful forum! I hope you will enjoy your stay~
I guess we can both agree that foxes are great~ I am as well a recently called furry, who is a fox as well with pretty much the same interests!

Enjoy your time here and I hope to hear more about what you write~!
Feel free to join the site’s server and maybe the roleplay one as well!
Have fun~

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I’ve always loved their design, and as far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with how people portray them in art. Also, some of the first expansion related furry art that I came across involved foxes. Since I love both their design and how artists draw foxes involving weight gain and the like, I found it natural to make my fursona be a red fox.

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So what really is your fursona?

My fursona is a red fox, simple as that. I do see how you would be confused though. I’ve always felt like a red fox at heart.

Why did you feel like you’re supposed to be a red fox?

Let’s see. I’ve done a bit of research on them; I’ve always wanted to be one; they are the only foxes out here where I live; some of my first experiences with furry art came from antho red foxes; I’ve written myself as one for practice; and I feel like I have at least some of their qualities.