Help creating a new game?

Hey there,

I have been wanting to create weight gain related games for a while now but have never really gotten around to it. I’m not sure where to even start, but I’m pretty good at writing and storylines. I’m wondering what is the best software to create a game on? I’m ideally looking for something cheap or free as I’m not exactly rich, and it can be for any format of game. I appreciate the help!

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In terms of text adventures, almost anything will do.

I’ve started with Quest, via, and to be honest it’s helped a lot in terms of learning programming and getting things to behave.

Another option is Twine, via, which isn’t necessarily as beginner-friendly as Quest but it works more for hosting online and making a game playable via HTML (webpage). (Example: Demo: A Family's Fattening Holiday v0.1)

Myself, I’m moving to Twine for better accessibility but only because using Quest helped me so much. And heck, I might still use quest to figure out certain commands, even if the CSS code isn’t exact, I can still LOOK at it to get an idea. If the Quest engine improves in other ways, I might use it again, but it’s a one-man development so we’ll see if/when that comes.

I hope others will give you some good suggestions, too. I hope this will help!


Thanks I appreciate the advice!

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I wouldn’t call anything the “best”, like anything else, the software that exists out there are tools made for specific things.

My advice would simply be to figure out what you want to make first, then find a tool that helps you create that thing. The best way to learn these things is to go out and just start making the thing you want to make. It might not be good the first time around, but it’s part of the experience. Figure out what you want to do and start learning as you go.

That said, it’s also good to try to start with something simple. focusing on a huge project immediately can kill motivation since you’ll have never put something out. Find a small little idea that you’d enjoy making, and look into how you want to do it.

You mentioned that you’re confident in writing, so starting with something focused on text and story might be a good route. If that’s the case, I think someone already mentioned Quest and Twine. Twine is good for things like choose your own adventure stories and other games based on that sort of thing. It’s possible to do other things, of course, but that’s what twine is designed for. Quest, meanwhile, is for things like text-adventurers. These often involve open areas for players to explore, so the story can be much more open ended. That said, it’d probably be more effort.

There’s other stuff out there, but if you’re focused on the writing part, those are the two popular options that come to mind.

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ok thank you. If i were to create an RPG, do you have any suggestions besides rpg maker?

For story telling I also tend to think of Ren’py, don’t know how others think about it but I personally really like it

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Quest can kind do some stuff like that, if you’re looking for battles. Twine can do it too, but both aren’t really made for full battle systems like RPG maker. Basically, you can do it with those, but it would take a good deal of effort.

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rpg maker either mv or vx ace are really good choices, im using mv and its amazing

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